What To Do After a Bicycle Accident

If you are involvBike Accident Dos and Dontsed in a bike accident you do have rights! It goes without saying that before riding, every cyclist needs to protect him/herself. In addition to all of the protective safety gear which we use as cyclists, we need to protect our legal rights by knowing what to do in case of a bicycle accident.

Arizona and Utah Bicycle Lawyers at Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC are committed to protecting cyclists’ rights. We are cyclists too! We have had too many of our own friends and even family that have been hurt while biking. Our mission is to protect you and help you know your rights. We have created the following do’s and don’ts to help you protect your rights in case of a bike accident.

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Do’s and Don’ts After a Bike Accident

DO call 911. And call your closest relative or friend to come and assist you at the scene. You could use their help to gather information as well as for support.
DO get the make, model, color, and license plate number of the driver’s vehicle. Or any other identifying information about what caused the accident such as the owner of the debris in the road, etc.
DO get the names and contact information for all witnesses.
DO use your cell phone to take lots of pictures. Photograph the vehicle that hit you, your injuries if possible, your bike damage, and record any other valuable information.
DO call the police and make sure a police report is made.Fully cooperate with the police.
DO keep your any GPS data! There may be valuable information which can help your case.
DON’T provide inconsistent information to any medical provider. Your medical records will be evidence in the future.
DON’T discuss any aspect of your accident with the driver! Never admit fault at the scene. These statements may be used against you by an insurance company.
DON’T negotiate with the driver or accept any onsite payments.
DON’T let the driver leave without getting the driver’s license and proof of insurance info. Insist on seeing the actual documents. Take a photo of these documents with your phone if possible.
DON’T leave the scene of the accident until the police tell you to do so.

How You Can Protect Yourself

We can’t always avoid an accident. After all, that is why its called an accident! We certainly do not wish them upon ourselves, yet we can often find ourselves or those around us in the awful situation of a bicycle accident. There are a few things you can do to protect yourself and minimize your damage and increase your recovery.

Follow All of Your Local Bicycle and Traffic Laws

Its important to know and understand your bicycle laws and local traffic laws so that you can do your part to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Click HERE for a list of your local bicycle and traffic laws.

Immediately Call for Help

It goes without saying that you should immediately call for help. Call 911 and report the accident. Flag some help down from other motorists if necessary.

After you have called for medical help you should immediately contact Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC. The sooner we are involved the more help and protection we can offer. We are happy to take calls 24/7 365 days/year. Seriously, call us any time on any day. It’s our job to protect you. As fellow cyclists, we make our job our passion. (855) ONE-EZ-CALL (855-633-3922). Let us help you right away. You can also contact us through this easy web form by clicking here.

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