Introducing: “REBELLIOUS”. Our new and exclusive cycling kit. Being a rebel is more than just taking up a cause, it is a mindset of not giving up no matter what the cost. There is a revolution coming and it starts right here. Join the revolution, push yourself, explore your limits, be a part of our tribe.

Rebels helped shape every aspect of history. In this exclusive kit we pay tribute to the incredible nature of both the American and French revolutions. Look for the subtle and not so subtle revolution and rebel elements in this kit. Do you see them? Every inch is designed with purpose and great intention.

Notice the subtle pattern on the jersey and cycling cap… see the powerful language of “We the people…” taken from the constitution of the United States? Awesome. Epic. What about the universal sign of rebellion and revolution subtly hidden behind a torn sleeve? Can you see the great American symbol, the mighty Eagle? How about the torn and tattered American and French flags which emerged victoriously in the face of heavy and insurmountable opposition? Notice the written words on cuffs from both American and French Revolutions? Liberté, égalité, fraternité: French for “liberty, equality, fraternity”, is the national motto of France and finds its origins in the French Revolution. Do you see “Liberté, Libertés chéries” taken from the French national anthem; meaning Liberty cherished liberty. You can start see why we are so excited about this kit! Combined with the American influence of “Give me liberty or give me death” and the “Sons of liberty” this kit screams I’m a rebel and I stand for something!

Without rebels we would not be where we are today. Be a rebel, do hard things, stand up for your passion, and when called upon be ready to throw down as if your life depended on it. Are you a REBEL? We Are! Stand Rebellious.

This kit is designed as our official racing kit in the first ever Race Across France (RAAF). RAAF was started by Frenchman Arnaud Manzanini, a RAAM finisher and ultra cyclist. It is an ultra endurance cycling race across the entire country of France with approximately 1600+ miles and over 131,000 feet of elevation gain. It is a non stop race! When you purchase one of these kits you are directly supporting RAAF and the U.S. 2 Man team of Ben Dodge and Jason duPont out of Arizona. This couldn’t happen without the amazing support of our incredible crew: Sonja, Cecily, Del Ann, Bob, Ray, and Sterling. Of course the support of our fellow cycling peers, friends, and followers is a huge motivator and we appreciate each of you.

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